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DSI production process  

DSI TECH production team produce high quality bellows as ISO 9001:2000 and K-mark standards

Main equipments  

ㆍ Piping
Piping machine can manufacture a various
diameter from Ø6.35 to Ø300. We try to
make sure quality in weld bid.

DSI Bellows is formed by high water pressure.
They have got excellent stroke and spring
Property as well.

All of products are welded in the 1000 class
for reducing dust particles. We also guarantee
Quality of weld bid with skilled engineers.

We do ultrasonic cleaning treatment to our
products and put them into vacuum pack.

ㆍDrying & Packing
We maintain products quality to vacuum-
pack products for cutting off dust and
static electricity.

We are enable to test leakage rate from
Low vacuum to ultra high vacuum without

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